About Us

Founded in 2009, Leadership Coaches has helped companies to grow through enhanced uses of communication in leadership. Our business focuses on creating a positive change in the world by taking the time to invest in the skills, attitude, and behavior which define leadership. For the development of today’s youth, we create a pathway of learning through structured leadership competencies. As a result, making a lasting mark on our community. Understanding the way one thinks about leadership can influence the way one practices leadership.

Leadership Coaches Founders:
Jantzsen Noel- Company CEO(Chief Executive Officer):
The face of the company. Makes all major company decisions.

Erika Mitchell- Company COO(Chief Operations Officer):
Right-hand-side to the CEO. Makes sure all project deadlines are met and schedules company events.

Jarvis Lawhorn- Company CFO(Chief Financial Officer):
Takes care of the company finances and makes company budget decisions.

Dillon Slack- Company CTO(Chief Technology Officer):
Ensures that all company sites are working properly and designs all company sites and programs.

Jessica Diaz- Company CCO(Chief Creative Officer):
Creates the company image and directs advertising campaigns for the company.


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